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Beauty update: La Mer

Hay ciertos hitos a lo largo del año en los que suelo prestar mas atención a mis cuidados de belleza.  Uno de ellos es la época pre-Navideña en la que intento resetear mi piel para llegar a las fiestas deslumbrante.  Para ponerme al día de lo último en tratamientos y maquillaje acepté con gran ilusión …

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Beauty guide for fall, part III

In the previous post of our beauty guide series, we talked about the importance of water and restoring dehydrated skin. Today we will review another equally important aspect that concerns us all, the firmness. Her presence is a sign of youth and good looking skin. But why skin loses elasticity? There are two essential proteins in …

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Health and beauty – ready for fall

“The first wealth is health”  Ralph Waldo Emerson Right in the transition from summer to fall I´ve introduced a little health and beauty care action into my routine.   I felt that I needed to restore my skin and hair after the excessive sun exposure and strength my body to resist the new season´s hectic …

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