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Beauty update: La Mer

Hay ciertos hitos a lo largo del año en los que suelo prestar mas atención a mis cuidados de belleza.  Uno de ellos es la época pre-Navideña en la que intento resetear mi piel para llegar a las fiestas deslumbrante.  Para ponerme al día de lo último en tratamientos y maquillaje acepté con gran ilusión …

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Beauty guide for fall, part II

In this post we continue with our commitment to offer fall´s best beauty guide for glowing and healthy skin.  After we have gone through an intensive cleaning treatment, purification and oxygenation, now is time to rehydrate and restructure.  As mentioned in the previous post, the skin suffers severe damage due to high UV exposure which result …

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Beauty guide for fall, part I

I have mentioned my visit to Dermes Tenerife in this post and also promised to share with you all hints and tips of beauty expert Monica Prieto.  As you may recall, she suggested a 4 steps beauty guide to restore our skin and unchain its natural beauty. Let´s see the fist step today which is …

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