Factors to Consider When Looking for SMS Marketing Service Provider

SMS marketing is increasingly becoming one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Today, a considerable number of businesses depend on text messaging to network and arouse their customers. Companies of all types and sizes, including profit and non-profit, have leveraged the influence of text messaging to institute more credible, personalized, and successful marketing communications.

However, with an array of text message marketing services to pick from, it can be pretty challenging to determine which one is ideal for your company.

Most businesses mainly base their decision on price overlooking other factors. Although price is a critical factor, organizations looking for SMS marketing services perhaps should consider other aspects as well.

That said, here are critical factors any business should take into account when searching for an SMS marketing service provider.


As a business owner, your key objective is to convey your text effectively. Therefore, picking a dependable SMS provider should be at the top of your list. Always hunt for a renowned SMS agency that provides a dependable and secure platform that can offer incredible uptime levels. This implies that the service will be available for use whenever required. At Textedly, we guarantee our clients 99.9 percent uptime, meaning they can send messages at their convenient times.

User Friendly

A leading text messaging service provider should simplify and make it faster for customers to create and run a bulk SMS campaign. At Textedly, we offer a 14-day free trial to potential customers to first familiarize themselves with our platform before they can proceed to make a subscription. This ensures that they are well-versed with how the platform works by the time they make a purchase.

In addition, Textedly offers short code texting service that allows organizations to create and use a shortcode to send SMS at scale. People subscribe to this marketing program by typing a word or phrase and sending it to the shortcode.


Even if your business doesn’t involve sending messages in bulk, it is necessary to pick an SMS service that is upgradable and can support any possible business needs that may arise in the long run. Therefore, it is essential to settle on an SMS service provider that offers text messaging services to all types of businesses regardless of their size. An extensible platform will eradicate the need to switch suppliers as you reap from the power of texting.

Message Delivery

Similar to other forms of communication, message submission with slight hitches and obstructions is crucial. Delivery is critical to the success or failure of your marketing strategy. SMS companies are far from being created equal. And it is for that reason; you should settle for a provider with immediate links to quality carriers. The SMS company should have a solid partnership with local and worldwide tier-one carriers to guarantee efficient delivery of messages.


As you can see, there are several factors that you need to pay attention to when looking for an SMS service provider. These factors will help you find the ideal SMS supplier for the needs of your business.