There are several important questions to ponder on before you decide to get spinal surgery done. Questions like, “What exactly is minimally invasive spine surgery?” Or, “Is general spine surgery much better to get than traditional spine surgery?” Some people do not fully comprehend the major variables between minimally invasive spine surgery and that of traditional spine surgery. When someone gets severe extremity symptoms, it is excellent to get a professional evaluation done with their primary doctor to see if their issues can be resolved first. If someone is experiencing serious problems with their spine, and the problems cannot be resolved with over the counter medications, physical activity, or regular pain management, the next thing to do would be to set up a good time to go see your primary doctor. The two major things to help a person who is going through serious spine issues are surgery and time. The other minimal things are mainly used to carefully manage your symptoms while your body does the important job of fixing it in the natural way. Because, if your body does not end up fixing your spine or neck problems naturally, then spine surgery would become the next best option to choose.


Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery, or better known as, has a special mission of organizing unique treatment guidelines and processes for each and every patient to continue living a healthy and active lifestyle for years to come. wants you to be able to expect more out of life and to life a healthy and functional life with a healthy spine. offers professional surgical spine and neck procedures such as Thoracic Middleback surgeries, Lumbar Lower Back surgeries, and Cervical surgeries. Whether you suffer from a Herniated Disc, Spinal Stenosis, or Spondylolysis, the professionals at have a firsthand understanding of real spinal health and dedicate their lives to assisting their patients in being able to live a healthy and restored life full of complete mobility.


Dr. Todd Lanman is a famous spinal neurosurgeon who has over 30 years of expert spinal health and surgery proficiency who has helped many who have suffered from problems relating to the spine and neck. A Neurosurgeon is someone who specializes in the overall surgical treatment of certain disorders that have to do with the Peripheral and Central Nervous System including such things as tumors and infections of the spine and brain. Neurosurgery is simply defined as surgery that has to do with the Nervous System. Neurosurgery is especially concerned with the overall treatment and diagnosis of people who have disorders and diseases of the brain, peripheral nerves, spinal column, and the spinal cord within the human body.

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