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The elegance of subtle prints

If summer invites us to paint our closets with colorful floral and tropical prints, the transition to fall is the perfect moment to wear subtle prints.  They are both elegant and easy to pair.  Today I have styled again a retro – chic inspired outfit, which is equal parts dressy and casual and also perfect …

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Retro chic

60´s are fall´s most resounding trend, and if you want to gent into it, make sure you wear Op Art prints, mini A-line skirts and knee high boots.  I kept in mind this retro chic vibe, when styling today´s outfit, event if it feels a bit more of the 70´s.  Flare jeans, printed blouse, platform …

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Tuscany dreaming

I have been four times in Italy but never had the chance to visit Tuscany.  In my playful imagination the city streets look like this.  Solid stone walls, covered with multifarious flowers, mainly bougainvillea.  Green mountains, sunflowers and lavender fields that fade until the horizon. Tuscany has been for a long tome on of my …

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