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3rd blog anniversary

Well Living blog turns 3 years old!  A flashback to my beginning makes me recall the illusion and expectation by sharing any post but also my inexperience and mistakes.  The second year was a long path of learning, improving, doing my best to offer better pictures, better contents.  The third year began with a total …

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Best skin care for fall

Few days ago I visited the beauty studio Dermes Tenerife.  Over a pleasant coffee time I had the opportunity to speak to manager and beauty expert Monica Prieto about the hard work of the skit to withstand the incorporation to the routine after the holidays and the excess of sun, beach and pool during summer.  Spots, …

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WLB Tattoo

If you are thinking on a tattoo and don´t dear to do it, try the Temporary Tattoo Store. They have funny designs, you can order on line, no pain, no regret and until 4 days duration {in my case}.  Few days ago I received my custom made temporary tattoo with the logo of the blog. …

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